Blackberries and Preserves

For me Blackberry season signifies the tipping point from the height of summer into the slow decline towards autumn. The cooler mornings and nights, the heavy dew on the grass and the subtle change of colour around the garden tells me autumn is just around the corner. I think it is at this time of … [Read more…]

Summer review

Now we have hit high summer I’m happy to see that the garden is cruising along, the lawn has recovered nicely where we took down the large dead tree from the middle of the garden and it looks all the better for it, it has opened up the garden, let in more light and actually … [Read more…]

Flower Crowns

Right now we are experiencing a flower crown revival, they are the height of fashion for all kinds of occasions from festivals to weddings.  It had been mentioned to me a few times that it would be a really great activity for a hen party or just for a girly afternoon, so I thought it … [Read more…]

Junes Blooms

I recently read a quote that someone posted on Instagram the other day which, obviously I cannot find now and so cannot quote it accurately but it stated that stepping out into the garden for the first time on any day is always the most exciting part of the day.  I definitely agree with this sentiment, … [Read more…]